Nintendo Fun Club Episode 10 - 33% of us are the 11%


Episode 10 of the Nintendo Fun Club podcast is all "hey check out news, we talk about The Last Story's US release date and preorder bonus and Project Sora closing down and 3rd party NES games on the 3DS eshop and stuff."

Then it's like "we're gonna talk about the 8-bit Summer Games each week after they're released, but this episode talk a ton about The Legend of Zelda and completely forget about NES Open. My bad"

A pretty solid discussion of LoZ occurs. We get into not only the game's value in the medium, but what it represents to each of us individually as well.


The Last Story - A Mad Dash

The Last Story - Dance of Death

The Legend of Zelda - Title Theme (Famicom Disk System)

The Legend of Zelda - Overworld Theme

The Legend of Zelda - Ending Theme (Famicom Disk System)

News sources: Gonintendo, Siliconera, Nintendo World Report, Andriasang, IGN

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