Nintendo Fun Club Episode 6 - Neo-Salamander Force ReBirth


Just because E3 is over doesn't mean the disappointing news is. In this episode we worry about Nintendo's plans for online, achievements, Retro's game/company health, the future of Zelda, and the power of the Wii U hardware. We take a break from fretting to talk about Miyamoto wanting to make a first-person shooter, the surprisingly decent-sounding Kirby Anniversary Collection, and NPD/Media Create sales numbers.

Our topic for the week is the ReBirth series of games for Wiiware, where we try to answer the age-old question of “what the hell is going on in the Contra ReBirth story?”


(all composed by Manabu Namiki)

Contra ReBirth – Area 1

Gradius ReBirth – Moonspin

Castlevania ReBirth – Reincarnated Soul

News sources: Gonintendo, Siliconera, Nintendo World Report, Andriasang, Neogaf, IGN.

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