Nintendo Fun Club Episode 2 - Disastrous Chin Beards


In this episode we talk New Play Control Pikmin 2 finally coming to Wii in North America, Project X Zone, Nintendo's enthusiastic patching of Mario Kart 7, CoroCoro Pokemon B/W2 leaks, sales numbers of Xenoblade Chronicles in North America (that we don't actually know), Kingdom Hearts finally gets a collector's edition in NA, Ex Troopers: A Lost Plant game you may actually want to play, the return of NOA actually putting Game Boy games on the eshop Virtual Console!!, Fifa 13 Wii U could be awesome or terrible, Golden Week is over in Japan, but the 3DS is certainly not, Ubisoft, like the rest of us, have no idea what the difference between a "casual" and a "core" game is anymore.

Our main topic this episode is the New Super Mario Bros. games. We discuss the history, faults, and merits of the series, and make predictions about the two NSMB games that will be shown at E3.


Monolithsoft is a first party, not second party Nintendo developer. Also, Zelda: Skyward Sword was patched via Wii Channel, not through email.


Opening: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Twister (Remix)

Pre-feature: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Overworld Theme (New Super Mario Bros.)

Closing: New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Airship Theme

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