Nintendo Fun Club Episode 1 - After Prom 3D


It's the first episode of the Nintendo Fun Club Podcast!

This is a podcast by three friends who love Nintendo. Each episode will include recent Nintendo news and a more lengthy discussion of one Nintendo-specific topic.

In news this episode we talk Wii U games showing up on, Sakurai's visit to Platinum Games, Kid Icarus Uprising's fantastic English localization, prom, an Avengers game for Kinect and... Wii U?, Nintendo's domination in Japan during Golden Week, April NPDs, Monster World IV, the sad state of the Virtual Console in the U.S., Club Nintendo rewards, Wii game backwards compatibility on Wii U, cargo shorts, and more.

The main topic this episode is the 3D Classics line of games for the 3DS eshop. We discuss the history of the developer of the series, Arika, give brief impressions of each of the games, discuss the future of the line, and make impassioned pleas for games we'd like to see made into 3D Classics.

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